Tuesday, March 24, 2009


You are supposed to replace your running shoes every 300 to 500 miles. While this seems simple enough, I have always had difficulty keeping track of the miles I put on my shoes. This usually leaves me guessing when it is time for new shoes through a very scientific method of pressing on the padding and letting out a thoughtful, "Hmmmmm..."

I began wondering a few weeks back if it might be time to replace my shoes; I thought I had purchased my shoes in early November and with a rough calculation of my weekly mileage, assumed I was fine.

My foot injury two weeks ago made me reevaluate my decision. When I eased back into running last Thursday, I realized my heel was sliding around a lot. Then I thought about how cushioned and supportive these shoes used to be under my arches. Not so much anymore. "But you just got them in November!" I (or perhaps my wallet) thought.

I went back and checked my credit card statement from November, just to prepare myself for the cost. But there was nothing there. October? Nada. As it turns out, I purchased these just as fall was coming to relieve the hot months of summer: the first week in September. Yikes.

Because this particular shoe had been so wonderful, I ordered the exact same model and color (still purple!). The only difference was in the price - half the cost since they just released an updated version!

As I have a quite dorky affection for new running shoes, I have been checking the tracking on them every hour or so since Saturday. They have been "out for delivery" since 5:36 AM this morning, so I know they will appear at my door sometime this evening.

I got in my speed workout during my lunch hour today. This was the first time since my injury two weeks ago that I have braved a treadmill. I understand the injury was a result of many different factors; but I didn't need another reason to believe treadmills are evil.

About halfway through my 4 x 800m workout, I realized it would be my last run with these shoes. This made me a little bit sad; unlike my previous shoes, I became really serious about running wearing my little purple warriors.

We had countless runs in Central Park, a few in the hilly Virginia countryside and set two PRs. They adored when I jumped out of bed on the weekends to take them on a long run and glared at me when I begged for another 20 minutes of sleep. They were part of my transformation: for the first time in my life, I actually consider myself a runner.

I guess that's not a bad life for a pair of running shoes.

Maybe that's why I love lacing-up new running shoes so much - you never know what adventures await you. Here's to the next 300 to 500 miles.

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