Monday, June 13, 2011

Belmont Stakes 2011


Saturday was a rainy, dreary day here in New York, but Mike and I nonetheless departed the apartment early, leaving behind our cozy down comforter and lazy Saturday morning routine. We sipped coffee on a train, speeding through Long Island on our to spend the day with family and friends at Belmont Park.

The Belmont Stakes was the eleventh race of the day, at which point we were all chilled and sleepy, the effect of the previous seven hours of races, betting, sipping cocktails, and willing the rain to stop blowing sideways.


I bet a total of $16 during the entirety of the day, $12 of which I reserved for the stakes. While both Mike and his father have tried desperately in past years to teach me how to properly read the racing form, the statistics, conditions and results of the previous races, I prefer to stick with my personal philosophy when placing my bets: choose the horse with the best name.

As such, I put my money on 'Stay Thirsty'. Mike rolled his eyes and the guy in our row quipped, "Good luck with that one," when I told him my pick. But Stay Thirsty didn't let me down, placing second in the Stakes and Mike - who had been diligent in his research and evaluating statistics all day - just shook his head in amazement.


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