Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Cape Cod Weekend

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We spent the long weekend of Fourth of July enjoying one of my favorite places - Cape Cod. And despite a few injuries and discovering my previously unknown allergy to sunscreen, the weekend was relaxing and peaceful. It has taken me several weeks to edit the photos, as I have fallen quite behind in editing photos composing thoughtful posts.

As life went from hectic to sullen to impossibly cruel over these past few days, I curled up under my down comforter and bawled my eyes out more times than I care to admit. Then yesterday, I suddenly needed a visual reminder of a quiet, peaceful moment in my own life, not so long ago when life seemed easy, joyous, and finally on track. So I pushed aside the tissues stained with mascara and containing the last tears my body will physically be able to produce for awhile and took myself back to Cape Cod.

As it turns out, I took hundreds of photos that weekend - so many that I need to break them into separate posts in order to share them all with you. I hope you are able to visualize the peace and serenity and all the reasons I so love this tiny island. And if you might also need some comfort in your life, I hope the photos here and to come will remind you, as they did me, that life will at some point in the future once again seem beautiful, simple, and free.

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  1. so my life has also hit the crazy, and i am here in nyc (instead of in a tropical stormy DR). can we please hang out? soon? like saturday? sunday? any day next week? (you know how teachers' summer plans are.) i miss you.


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