Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stewart & Claire Lip Balm

Stewart & Claire_0039
It might be somewhat rare for the worlds of beauty and food to collide, but it certainly can be a beautiful thing when they do.  For instance, when my fingernails recently donned “A Oui Bit of Red”, I dreamt each morning of nibbling a croissant and sipping a cafĂ© au lait at a bistro table on some unknown Parisian sidewalk.  This image was certainly more beautiful than my reality - shoveling yogurt into my mouth between answering emails and returning phone calls.

Even more than perfectly manicured hands, lip balm is a necessity for my ever-dry lips, but finding the perfect brand has been less than an easy task.  Too waxy, too drying, too fragrant, too tingly – it is an extensive list of grievances.  Then, a few weeks ago, a coworker graciously gifted samples of lip balm, inspired by food and the seasons.  She and her husband are responsible for these absolutely addictive Stewart & Claire balms, which are custom made to order.  I am currently addicted to Autumn’s gingery smell and find myself reapplying much more than needed.  These balms are organic and have a forewarned shorter lifespan than other commercial balms, so I am parting with two and spreading the love to Washington DC and Virginia.  Check out the Stewart & Claire website and become addicted too!

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