Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pike's Place Market

Pikes Place Market_Opener

For my 30-hour rendezvous in Seattle, I wanted to accomplish two things between business-related activities and sleeping: See the Space Needle and explore Pike’s Place Market. Less than an hour after landing, in the car on the way to the hotel, I spotted the Space Needle, brightly lit against the dark Seattle sky. One down, one to go.

The next morning, on my little exploration around the hotel, I was pleasantly surprised to find Pike’s Place Market only one short block from the hotel. Later that afternoon, after work commitments had been successfully performed, my boss and I set-off to explore this amazing market. It took every ounce of sensibility for us to resist buying armloads of the amazing dahlia bouquets.

If you are interested in what exactly my business trip to Seattle involved, check here for my photographs.

Pikes Place Market

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  1. Well, That puts St. John's marketplace down a peg.
    Beautiful photos


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