Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pretty Paper | Valentine's Day 2012


Listening to a co-worker describe her five year-old's Valentine's Day morning reminded me exactly why I still love celebrating this sweet holiday. The preparation of Valentines to distribute at school, a special breakfast and little gift from mom and dad, a dressy outfit, wondering who will ask you to be their Valentine. The innocence and excitement of love – long before Valentine's Day meant showy bouquets of balloons and roses – is still why I so enjoy the day.

When I was old enough to handle glue and scissors on my own, without too much worry from my parents, I started the tradition of hand-making my Valentines. This year, seeking that same satisfaction of creating and distributing Valentines, I decided to forgo the usual store-bought, albeit beautiful, cards and design my own. Each note was enclosed in a beautiful, peony-pink envelope and then hand-addressed in a scripty lettering.


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  1. today i took decorations to garden club and there in the box was a gorgeous card you had sent me a year or maybe two ago. Happy Valentines Day, Special Person that you are.

  2. I am saving mine. I love it.........


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