Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Project Life 2012 | Week Thirty-Eight

It's been awhile since I have successfully put together a full week of photos and paper and words; seven weeks to be exact. Part of the gap was due to some amazing vacations, both of which I am still very slowly working my way through all of our photos. But mostly, the gap can be blamed on work and life being insanely busy.

Week 38 was no exception. If we are being honest, it was actually one of the most brutal work weeks of the year, which is why there are minimal photos. It is quite rare for my week to consist of mostly journaling.

Besides recording some of the joys and frustrations of the week, I included this comic Mike sent me that made me laugh on a tough day, and made me want a furry friend even more. I love the new (to me) Ali Edwards journaling cards I purchased during the quarterly sale at Designer Digitals. I also included two cards we received in the mail, one from my best girlfriend who now lives in Arizona.

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