Friday, May 3, 2013

Mint Juleps

You didn’t think I would leave you hanging before Derby Day, did you?! While I do have to say I am shocked I have never shared my recipe for Mint Juleps, I do promise you it was worth the wait. This is my favorite warm-weather drink, perfect for cheering on horses or just enjoying the summer sunshine.

This is one of those drinks that can easily be ruined when the proportions are off, even just slightly. It has taken a little bit of tweaking, but I knew I had a winner when our friends in Kentucky - who previously claimed to not like Mint Juleps for being too sweet - happily indulged in this recipe. So get your winning bets and big hats ready and be sure to whip up a few of these drinks to celebrate the day!


Fresh mint, stems removed
1 ounce simple syrup (recipe here)
2 ounces bourbon
Crushed ice
Seltzer water

In the bottom of a mint julep cup, muddle a small handful of mint with the simple syrup. Add the bourbon and stir to combine. Add crushed ice over the mixture, then top with a splash of seltzer. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.

*Mint Julep cups are from Danforth Pewter (previously Shirley Pewter) in Williamsburg, Virginia


  1. What a delicious drink for a hot day
    thanks for sharing your recipe

  2. This recipe looks perfect, but I just have to someone who's never made a Mint Julep before, what do you mean by "muddle a small handful of mint with the simple syrup"?


  3. I love mint juleps too...though recently I've been using Prosecco instead of seltzer water and it's been a great addition. I have to remember to drink them more than just the day of the Derby...they are simply too good!

  4. I could think of nothing better to sip on under a hot sun.


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