Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cruise Control

My training has remarkably stayed on schedule this week. I'm two weeks out from my next race, which is when I typically get complacent and bored with running. When a race is two weeks away, especially a shorter distance race, it is still far enough away to not yet be considered a threat.

I was a bit worried how the week would go when I skipped my strength training on Monday. Having the day off from work was as relaxing as expected, but threw me off my usual weekday routine. After a trip to Whole Foods, Mike and I escaped the cold and snow by watching Law & Order episodes. But as the afternoon ticked-away and the snowfall turned heavy, my well-intentioned plan to go to the gym was suddenly a distant thought. I did a quick yoga session and started the core workout, which I have now started incorporating into my workouts three times a week. But five minutes into the core workout, I was bored and had no energy.

Tuesday is my easy run day. I packed my gym clothes and was planning on going to the gym after work. But my dentist called in the morning and said he needed to check out two things from last week's X-Rays, but could only see me at 5:30 that evening. Knowing I would have no incentive to run afterwards, I headed to the gym on my lunch hour. Two easy miles on the treadmill and a quick shower later, I was back at my desk eating lunch. The visit to the dentist didn't go as well; I have to get my first filling in February. I don't like to talk about it.

On Wednesdays I either rest or cross-train. I figured taking a rest day wouldn't really be to my benefit this week and I needed something to keep me motivated for my tempo run on Thursday. So, I signed-up for my first spinning class after work. Truth be told, I had always been a bit terrified of spinning classes. The instructors always look too intense/scary and, most importantly, the classes looked hard!

I researched articles on spinning classes before I went (no, I am not kidding) and they all suggested informing the instructor if you were a first-time student. So I did this and the instructor helped me adjust my bike to the correct height and length. And, to my surprise, it was definitely one of the best workouts ever! It was high-intensity and was definitely a good compliment to my running. In fact, it was so good that I plan to add this into my cross-training schedule each week. I might have even convinced Mike to join me! My glutes are a bit sore from yesterday, but I'm headed to the gym after work to get in my tempo run.

I can feel myself starting to get restless with my current running schedule. I've set some pretty big goals for my running this year and I am anxious to start pursuing them. As in life, I don't do well in cruise control, maintaining my current state until I can again accelerate towards a goal. That said, I have another three weeks before I can start training for the half-marathon in April. It will be a long stretch of road.

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