Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It is official - I am a Pastry & Baking student at the Institute of Culinary Education! Beginning March 23rd, Monday through Thursday from 6PM to 10 PM, I will trade in my work clothes for a chef's uniform and learn to create beautiful, edible works of art.

I'm not really sure if it has all sunk-in yet. I guess I thought it would really hit me when I handed over the check or signed all of the paperwork. Or maybe when I was fitted for my chef's jacket. I'm not sure what I expected to hit me, but it didn't. It just felt like this was the next thing life had in store for me.

I need to pick-up my pastry tool kit from a store downtown and my uniform will be mailed to me. Much to my Mum's delight, my name will be embroidered on the chef's jacket. Unfortunately, I won't receive my books until the first day of class and, no matter how much my Dad makes fun of me, I'm disappointed. I wanted to read ahead.

The program is nine months long and I know life will be insane. I will have no time during the week to relax. Weekends will be spent catching-up on sleep and preparing for the next week. I will be exhaused and getting in my runs will be more of a challenge than ever. My grandmother summed it up the best: "Your life is going to become marathon". I couldn't have described it any better myself.

While I would usually do speedwork on Wednesdays when I am training for a race, I took today off. I have been really sore from the new core workout, so I decided to do a lot of stretching instead. There is no sense in overtraining when I am not overly concerned about my finishing time. At least for this race.

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  1. You will be tired but you are now fulfilling another dream. I am very proud of you having the courage to enter this program.


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