Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week Six: Frozen Desserts & Pate a Choux

This week was a bit lighter, both in terms of the schedule and material - so my entry this week will be a bit shorter and lacking in photos.  We did not have class on Monday in observance of Memorial Day, and that extra time off was relished and enjoyed.

Tuesday and Wednesday were focused on frozen desserts: sorbets, granitas, bombes, Baked Alaska.  For the individual-sized ice cream bombes, I made an amaretto flavor, complete with crushed Lazzaroni amaretti cookies.  These cookies are used a lot on Everyday Italian, so I was curious how they tasted.  They are amazing!  I was completely addicted after my first bite.  The ice cream bombe was equally as delicious.

I also really enjoyed the granita, so much so that I actually created my own version (strawberry) for a small dinner party Mike and I hosted Saturday evening. 

Thursday we started to shift our focus to pate a choux and pastry creams.  I thought of Mummy as I glazed the praline eclairs with the chocolate ganache; I do not particularly like eclairs, but I remember these being one of her favorite treats when we were younger.

There is only one lesson left in this module and our exam/practical will be Tuesday night.  I have been uncharacteristically stressed lately and the upcoming exam is a huge contributor.  I will be relieved when it is over and we move on to our second module: breads!

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  1. Everything looks yummy again. I would lay money on your exam tomorrow night that you will be very successful. Good luck.....


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