Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chocolat Milano


Upon entering the storefront, our eyes were drawn to the cute, wooden sign above the espresso bar. And then, as the crowd slowly inched towards the gelato bar, my eyes were filled with container upon container of gorgeous gelato. I instictively gasped and grabbed Mike's arm. He responded with wide-eyes and a nod. We knew something delicious was about to be presented to us.

Wanting to try each and every flavor, I could not make a decision for the life of me. But I finally decided on Nutella, café, and dark chocolate. Mike ordered two cafés for us as I secured a table, photographed the gelato, and admired the chandeliers. Amazing gelato, strong cafe, and a cozy storefront. Mike and I loved this place so much, we purchased our only souvenirs from Milan on our way out - two espresso cups and saucers, complete with the name of the shop and the cute cow!


Chocolat Milano
Via Boccaccio 9
Milan, Italy


  1. If you are ever in San Diego... there are 2 locations for Chocolat. One downtown on 5th and one in Hillcrest. I would imagine the Milan location is incredibly delicious. Not sure how the US locations would fare, but thought I'd share! Makes me want gelato!!

  2. Ooh thank you for the heads-up Whitney! When I make my way to the west coast, I will definately have to check out those locations - just to be compare the qualitly of gelato, of course :o)

  3. I was at the Milan location a few months ago, and they told me that they have never heard of the locations in San Diego. Which do you think came first? I live in SD and have been to both locations. Strange right?


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