Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mast Brothers Chocolate


A few weeks ago, I ventured to Brooklyn with Mike and our friend Victoria to finally tour the Mast Brothers Chocolate factory.

I have wanted to take the tour for quite some time now, but it kept getting placed on the back burner for a variety of reasons.


As soon as we turned the corner to North 3rd Street, the overwhelming smell of chocolate consumed our nostrils.  

A few moments later we would discover the specific source of the smell - they were roasting cacao beans right in their tiny storefront!

At every opening of the convection oven door, a thick cloud of steam rose into the customers and danced its way out the open front door to the city streets.


Right next to this intoxicating aroma, employees were busy hand wrapping each chocolate bar in its very own gold wrapper.

You just can't help but think of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


After learning a bit about the company and the current five locations from where they source their cacao beans, we were allowed to peek into the back room and try a handful of unhusked, unroased cacao beans.

There were machines which separated and organized the beans into nibs and husks...


...machines which ground the nibs into chocolate and more machines which tempered the chocolate into a silky, smooth existence.


Finally, for the best part of the entire tour - the taste testing!

We tried a tiny square of each chocolate base.  It was truly amazing to taste the differences in each little piece.

Afterwards, we made our way to the retail counter to taste each of the chocolates containing add-ins.  My hands-down favorite?  Fleur de Sel.


So, if you find yourself in Brooklyn and the strong scent of roasting cacao beans happens to blow your way, follow it to Mast Brothers Chocolate

Don't forget your free husk!


Mast Brothers Chocolate
105 North 3rd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211-3927
(718) 388-2625

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