Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Life 2012 | Week One

Project Life 2012 | Week One

A few weeks ago, I traded in my trusty circa 2008 Blackberry for a shiny new iPhone 4S.  It was an much overdue upgrade and I am already uncertain how I managed without an iPhone for so long, or even a camera on my phone!  If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@allisonveinote), you have no doubt seen an unprecedented number of photos begin to appear.  The photos are not professional quality or of anything particularly thought-provoking, but they are glimpses into my daily routine.

As these photos began - already! - to fill up my camera roll, I was inspired by a project I have been wanting to jump on board with for some time - Project Life created by the amazing Ali Edwards.  For the past few months, my only reservation with the project is what you might expect of a Manhattanite - space!  It might sound strange to anyone who has not seen my apartment, but the thought of finding space for another binder on our already packed bookshelves was enough to keep my wishes to participate at bay.  But now with these daily digital snapshots so easily available, I decided to start my very own Project Life 2012 - just digitally!

It has become increasingly evident to me that the years are passing more quickly than I ever imagined. With my family scattered here and there, I realize what I miss most is just seeing and sharing the little things each day - something beautiful, something funny, something sad, something inspiring.  So I do hope this project will help bridge that void, if only minimally.  Mostly, I hope it reminds me to find beauty in the everyday chaos.

Every Sunday, I plan to share the photos collected on my iPhone during the previous week. Some weeks will likely be more exciting or inspired than others, but that’s okay - that’s life after all!

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  1. this is such a cool idea. mind if I steal it? ps. I miss you.

  2. I have read every week and I have just found this. Where have I been? Anyway now I will read it weekly and know how your week has been.
    It is a wonderful way to share.


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