Wednesday, January 18, 2012

S'More Bakery


As I closed out 2011, I found a few collections of photographs which I meant to post during the year and, for whatever reason, simply forgot. One of the forgotten collections was these photos from an October trip to Smorgasburg in Brooklyn. Among the many vendors was S’More Bakery who was serving up their signature S’moregasm - two homemade cinnamon-sugar graham crackers, one smeared with chocolate, sandwiching a toasted-on-spot homemade marshmallow. The best part of camping enjoyed overlooking the Manhattan skyline - sign me up!

The S’moregasm was just as delicious as it looks - my favorite dessert, made from scratch, and all I had to do was enjoy every bite! While Smorgasburg has closed for the winter months, you can still check out S’More Bakery on select weekends at SmorgasBrewery at Brooklyn Brewery.


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