Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Project Life 2012 | Week Twenty-Six


Week number twenty-six – halfway through 2012. We got engaged! If I didn’t already love this project for so many reasons, this week definitely would have reminded me of just how special it is to put together a week work of memories. Some weeks are slow and harder to put together than others; then there are weeks like this where two pages is just not nearly enough to document just one day!

I decided to make the whole week about our engagement and trip to Blue Hill at Stone Barns. To incorporate the story of how Mike asked me to marry him, I added a 6x12 page protector with a memory circle from Ali Edwards. Along the left side, I added some sweet lyrics from a song; on the right, I added a strip from a paper by Katie Pertiet. I just used a pretty piece of scrapbooking paper for the backing. Do you like how I snuck a photo of my ring in there? Smitten!

I added lots of photo pages in order to keep all of the photos from the weekend together. The small strips of paper on the bottom of those pages is literature from the farm. I kept the walkabout map from the farm and added a heart where Mike popped the question. I also added the food and season journal from our dinner in one of the pockets. I plan on adding the receipt from our dinner in a small envelope. We’ve decided that while the cost still gives us heart palpitations (though worth every penny!), maybe one day our grandkids will look at it one day and think it was an inexpensive meal!



  1. What a wonderful weekend to put together. So happy for both of you. All my love to both. Dad

  2. What a great way to present your very special weekend. The photos are great along with your inserts. And yes I saw where you tucked the photo of the ring in. Absolutely beautiful, like you.
    A very special way to remember the weekend.
    Love you, Grammie


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