Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Saturday Afternoon at Blue Hill at Stone Barns

On Saturday, Mike and I escaped the sweltering city, driving north to Pocantico Hills to spend a day exploring Blue Hill at Stone Barns. This farm and restaurant have been on my wish list for years. It just so happened to turn out to be the best day of my entire life.

Beautiful, colorful, breathtaking, relaxing. Our dinner would prove to be the most delicious and special dinner to date. So what exactly made this day so supremely special?


  1. I love the photos, you captured it so beautifully. I can almost smell the country side, the grass, animals, and the smell of dirt with veggies growing in it.
    A beautiful tour to share.

  2. congratulations.

  3. Congratulations beautiful lady! So happy for you and your fiancé! Can't wait to tag along for the ride xoxo


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