Monday, December 3, 2012

CrossFit Metropolis Holiday Throwdown
CrossFit Photographer

This past Saturday was the Holiday Throwdown at my gym, CrossFit Metropolis.  Much like the  throwdown in September, the morning consisted of placing each member of the gym on one of four teams.  But this time, Santa hats, dradles, tinsel, elf ears, Christmas sweater vests, and bells were involved!  This throwdown was all about lifting lots of heavy weights as well as a bit of strategy.  The space became more packed as the morning progressed and the cheering and screaming soon made the energy of the gym a very inspiring place to be, with each person pushing and exceeding their limits.

I completed the workout during the first class of the morning, then happily stuck around to snap some pictures of the remaining classes, trying to dodge weights, athletes, and cheerleaders along the way.  Brunch and bottomless mimosas followed the throwdown, making me pretty confident that I belong to the best gym in the world!

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