Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Rub the Butter into the Flour"

If you have done any baking in your life, you have undoubtedly come across a recipe that instructs you to “rub the butter into the flour”.

This is a required step for the bacon-cheddar biscuits I shared with my family over my mini-Christmas vacation. My mother let out a groan when she saw me doing this and asked if she could just do this in the food processor.

Yes, of course you can.

But – why would you want to?

Of all the steps and tedious tasks required of someone who has chosen a career in pastry, this is by far my favorite.

Of all the progress that has been made with ingredients and techniques and machines, my hands can still create something better.

My own two hands.

I thought of this as I spent just over an hour last week in the restaurant, rubbing the butter into the flour mixture for all the scones to be given away at the restaurant’s New Year’s Eve dinner.

It was basic, primitive almost.

I had survived another long day at my day/desk job. At various points throughout the day, I wanted to cry or throw my hands up in the air and yell, “I quit!” This is not an uncommon occurance.

But standing here, looking at my hands dusted beautifully in flour, I was relaxed.

There isn’t a food processor in the world that can offer that same sense of comfort.

Sorry Mummy.

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  1. :) I know - I actually DO get it! :)


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