Thursday, January 28, 2010

Test Recipes

When my time is limited, I generally like to make tried-and-true recipes. The ones I know will work; the ones that have worked a hundred times before.

But as I have begun the hefty task of organizing my recipes into proper binders, I have come across so many recipes I once tucked away because I wanted to try them. I have kept every food magazine possible over the last few years, assuming I will one day return to each edition to try out every recipe which yielded a “Mmmmmm!” as I read the ingredients and directions intently.

So I have decided each week, at whatever point I can squeeze in a few extra minutes, I will test at least one of these recipes. How else will I find new recipes to inspire me, discover new “go-to” recipes and pare down my recipe binders in the process?

With the chosen recipe in hand, I will scurry off to my little kitchen and take notes and photos through the entire creation. I will post these, along with the recipe, as well as the final verdict from myself and my official taste tester (Mike).

Besides benefiting me in many ways, I hope you will enjoy these test recipes and, perhaps, find a few to inspire you and add to your collection.

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