Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day Macarons

Valentine’s Day.


Somehow it kind of snuck up on me this year.


I had all these wonderful gift ideas and card-making ideas.  I even wrote them on colored Post-Its in my planner, just so I wouldn’t forget.


And then, last week after three sixteen hour work days, I realized it was Thursday. 


I fell behind on actually producing and mailing my wonderful ideas.


I fell behind just like updating my blog.


And my website.


And the housework.


And my running.


And when I spoke with my Mumsy on Valentine’s Day, I realized that my store-bought cards hadn’t even reached my loved ones in time.


“I feel bad, I had all these wonderful gift ideas,” I complained to my Mum.


“Don’t feel bad, you’re busy.”


“Maybe next year won’t be so busy,” I hoped.


“We always think that,” Mum responds, more than likely shaking her head at her twenty-something daughter who, evidently, still has a lot to learn.




For now, I will steal one of Mike’s Valentine’s Day macarons, complete with a healthy dose of Nutella between the chewy shells to lighten my mood.

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