Saturday, February 6, 2010

WMD Cupcakes

Last Saturday was the birthday of a very good friend of Mike and me.

I wanted to create something special for the occasion; something sweet.

I thought up many possibilities, but nothing was really jumping out at me.  Mike had no idea what desserts, candy or flavors Alan liked or disliked.  Did I mention they lived together for a year?  Yeah.  Boys.

And suddenly, my mind drifted back to the summertime, as the three of us were driving to Cape Cod for the weekend.  Alan couldn't believe Mike and I had never heard of the Wafles & Dinges truck.

A few weekends later, Alan and Mike visited the truck.  Mike went back for seconds and also brought one home for me.

Our lives have never been the same.

Now, let's take a moment to look at the menu.  Ah, the WMD - Wafle of Massive Deliciousness.  Always on the liege wafle.  Always.

And then it hit me - liege flavored cupcakes with every single dingle.  WMD cupcakes!

There were a few trials, lots of taste testing and a bit of jealous on Mike's end.

Let's go through the assembly; I will bold the dinges, just so you can hold me accountable.  First, the cupcake.  This was the most important element and required a bit of research on the flavors and traditional recipes for liege wafles.

But finally, Mike and I agreed a cinnamon-y cupcake with turbinado sugar folded into the batter is how a liege wafle would taste in cupcake form.

Next, the Nutella.

Then, the Speculoos butter cream.  Speculoos cookies are like the little Biscoff cookies you receive, if you're lucky, on the airplane.

For the finishing touches: chopped maple syrup candied walnuts, dulce de leche bananas and chocolate fudge strawberries.

Oh, you say I forgot two dinges?  Yes.  The whipped cream and ice cream.  I know.

But these two elements just weren't going to make it down to the Lower East Side on the subway.

However, if these were served at home, they could be on the cupcake without issue.

Judging by the way these cupcakes were quickly consumed by Alan and everyone in the party, I think it's safe to say they were a hit.


  1. Lucky Alan........ would have loved to tasted one.

  2. these are beautiful!! and i am sure they were delicious! i would love to try to make these!


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