Thursday, March 10, 2011

Farewell to Twenty-Four

Today draws my twenty-fourth year of life to a close, as my twenty-fifth year is knocking on the door. Hello mid-twenties, nice to meet you. Please explain these dark circles under my eyes.

The truth is, I am happy to bid farewell to 24 – the toughest, most stressful year in my short life. It was a year filled with what seemed to be one trial after another; it pushed me to my breaking point and then relentlessly kept pushing. But it taught me one important lesson: when I had no fight left in me, my family and friends were there to offer encouragement and remind me to keep going. And while 'keep going’ might seem to be silly advice, you would be surprised how much that simple reminder means. It always seemed to be silently followed by a “I believe in you. I believe great things await you. Go earn them.”

So this morning, as I opened my eyes to a grey, rainy birthday sky, I felt the warmth and sunshine from the love of my family and friends over this past year.  How blessed I am to now have a dream job and such wonderfully supportive people to share it with.

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