Friday, March 11, 2011

My First Cookbooks

As part of my birthday gift, my parents sent me the unexpected keepsake of my very first cookbooks. I remember spending hours scrunched up in my yellow beanbag chair, flipping through the recipes from the varying eras of the American Girl Dolls. My Daddy even included photos and a detailed account of the Mother’s Day dinner I prepared, using recipes from these very books.

It has been unbelievably fun to go back through these books, the very sources of inspiration that helped spark my love for cooking and baking. These treasures will be a wonderful reminder that no matter my age, flipping through cookbooks and stepping into the kitchen will always provide the same joy from my childhood.


  1. Heartiest Congratulations on your wonderful cookbook and the best birthday gift... !

  2. I loved those series! I had the Kirsten and Samantha cookbooks.

  3. Molly's cookbook was my first cookbook too!! I remember making the mash potato volcano's and being so proud that they turned out haha

  4. Does anyone have the recipe for the Mashed Potato Volcanos from Molly's Cookbook?


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