Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Walks on the Beach

I peaked out my window this morning and was greeted by a gray, rainy sky, as flakes of white snow danced with plump rain drops.

I miss South Carolina. I miss sunrise runs along the beach, sandy afternoon games of beach bocce ball, and being gently lulled to sleep by the softly crashing waves outside my window.  I miss the sunshine, the peach iced tea, the lazy afternoons, the big glasses of wine.

I want to go back to the slower pace, sand between my toes, no winter jacket required kind of life.


  1. Is it the holiday blues?? The weather doen't help does it. In the UK, the weather is starting to pick up but I too wish I was lounging about in Kiawah Island right now too!

  2. Shewhisks: it is most definitely the holiday blues! That sunny, warm weather had me all set for summer desserts – only to return to a snowy NYC where only potatoes and onions are growing!


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