Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Charleston Gate Necklace

While strolling the streets of Charleston a few months back, the activity and pace of King Street drew me in to explore each vendor’s goods. While the seasoned New Yorker in me would normally pass by street vendors without a second thought, scoffing at the tourists pawing over the items, suddenly, in a new city, this seemed to me a perfectly acceptable practice.

And my efforts were richly rewarded. As soon as laid eyes on the beautiful detail of this necklace, designed after the gates around Charleston, I knew I had found a perfect, go-to necklace to add to my collection. As the woman carefully boxed up my purchase and enclosed the corresponding card, I caught a glimpse of the gate name - Dogwood - the Virginia state tree (and flower!).  No wonder I fell in love with the necklace at first glance.

You can find this necklace and other beautiful pieces at Sea Island Jewelry in the Historic Charleston Market.


  1. My wife just purchased this same necklace at the market in Charleston. So many designs from the gates collection to choose from but this one caught both our eyes. Good choice. Cant wait to visit there again

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