Monday, May 23, 2011

Maker's Mark: Slam Dunk Bottle


Those of you who know me or have spent any amount of time exploring this blog are likely aware of my fondness of a beverage known as bourbon. I like it in chocolate desserts and ice cream but prefer it poured neat. In the winter, I love bourbon in my apple cider; in the summer, I like mixing it with fancy mint leaves. And while I rarely express brand preferances, I usually leave little question as to my hands-down favorite: Maker's Mark.

Mike took the tour of the Maker's Mark distillery a few years ago and, since that moment, has been on the hunt for a "slam dunk" bottle - a bottle encased in a much deeper layer of the signature red wax than normal. These bottles are harder to find than just any bottle of Maker's - only one in 824 bottles showcases the extra long layer of wax.

It had been a long, fruitless hunt for almost two and a half years. Then, by chance, one Saturday morning a few weeks ago, I asked if Mike wanted to walk with me to buy wine for a party that evening. After a very rainy April, the sun was finally peeking through the clouds and I was happy to walk the extra few blocks to explore a new wine store. Mike reluctantly accompanied me, lagging along as he checked his phone for updates on the Kentucky Derby. Once at the store, I scoured the aisles for the bottle I required, when I heard a loud gasp to my right. Mike came running over, demanded, "LOOK!" and proudly showcased his discovery - the much awaited, much sought after slam dunk bottle of Maker's Mark.



  1. Hi, I bet it remains unopened and what a find.
    I know you are busy with your upcoming event but wanted to tell you I love you, Grammie

  2. I'm told that these are worth some money on ebay???

  3. I have one of these bottles if anyone wants it im willing to part with it email me at

  4. I have one of these bottles if anyone wants it im willing to part with it email me at

  5. I have a bottle that looks almost exactly the same as this.
    Message me for details if anybody is interested


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