Friday, November 18, 2011

Milan, Italy: Day Three


It rained the entirety of our last day in Milan. While we had no place in particular to go – we successfully covered everything we wanted to see within the first day and a half – Mike and I still wanted to wander around the city and indulge in as much Italian food and wine as possible.

I should mention our last day in Milan also happened to be a Sunday. You may not think that is an important detail – just like we did not – but you would be sadly mistaken. Everything in Milan was closed on Sunday. Between the day of rest and the weather, the streets were empty, as were our stomachs. We walked all over the city, going down a rather extensive list of recommendations, only to find each door locked and gated. Even the grocery store was closed. Late in the afternoon, through the now pouring rain, we spotted the lights from what appeared to be a cute, young cafĂ©. However, we were sadly mistaken and, glaring down at the terrible food, wondered if it might have been better if we had just kept walking.

When we boarded the plane the following morning, I looked over at Mike and sincerely said, “I did not expect to leave Italy hungry.” He nodded in agreement. Little did we know what deliciousness awaited us in Barcelona.

Milan 11.6.2010

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