Thursday, June 28, 2012

Project Life 2012 | Week Twenty-Five


I am skipping over Week 24, as I still have tons of photos to sort through from my time in Aspen, CO for the FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen. So instead let's jump to Week 25: Monday, June 18th through Sunday, June 24th. The week started off on a rough patch, as exhaustion kicked in for both Mike and me after a grueling past few months. Such things can be difficult to properly capture in a project like this - do you ignore it, skimming over something that really had an impact on the week, or bluntly record that you had a disagreement? I found myself naturally drawn to the middle, including a quote from a song that perfectly summed up the situation and including lyrics to my favorite song that played randomly, exactly when I needed it, on my commute to work.


I am loving so many parts of this project, especially the organization of photos and thoughts that would normally be lost over time, and I have found myself looking at things from a much more creative perspective, trying to really absorb and appreciate the small things around me each day. For instance: the photo behind my Week #25 circle is from a Serena & Lily catalog, which I normally would have flipped through and tossed, but colors and patterns really caught my eye, so I decided to incorporate it into the colorfulness of the week.

Most of my weeks tend to be very photo heavy, but I incorporated a few more journaling elements this week. I loved the treatment Ali Edwards used on a recent journaling card, so I replicated it to write a few words about our really fun date night.


I also try to incorporate things from Mike’s perspective as often as possible. This is his photo of the lake from a bachelor weekend spent at a lodge. I just added the graphic of a compass and some words about the location.


This photo is also from the date night we enjoyed – I bet you can’t tell it is almost 100 degrees! I purchased Ali Edwards' Memory Circles to use as an overlay on the photo.

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  1. So nicely worded, you conveyed the message in just a few words. I think that is difficult to do
    I really look forward to reading each new week


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