Friday, June 8, 2012

Project Life 2012 | Week Twenty-Two


Did you think I had forgotten about this project? It has been quite some time since you have seen a post organizing photos, milestones, and thoughts from the past week. But, not to fear, I enjoy the process and results of Project Life far too much to abandon it just a few weeks into the year.

After week eleven, I realized that while I love the convenience and precision of digital scrapbooking, I really missed the texture of traditional scrapbooking; the combination offered by collecting an array of mixed elements. There was a delay in actually receiving the products I wanted to utilize and by the time they did arrive, I was over my head in my sister's wedding preparations and my job. I kept notes and photos from each week I missed and I look forward to catching up once things settle back to only minor chaos.

Another change I made - learning as I go here! - was to adjust the weeks I documented to Monday through Sunday. This ensures I include the entire weekend in each week.


Week 22 included a Monday holiday from work in observance of Memorial Day. It was a beautiful, sunny day so we decided to soak up the sun while spending an afternoon at the ballpark, though neither of us had a rooting interest in either team.


Otherwise it was a rather uneventful week, except that we were both quite stressed with work and Mike's big test is just around the corner. We ended the weekend with a delicious meal at Barbuto, shared with friends we had not seen in entirely too long.


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