Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Project Life 2012 | Week Twenty-Three


I'm playing a bit of catch-up here as I have been out of town and away from this project for the last week. Week twenty-three (Monday, June 4th through Sunday, June 10th) was filled with numbers, work, and horses. And in between all of that - Mike celebrated his 28th birthday!


In addition to my typical two page layout for the week, I added a 6x12 page protector - one side holds the picture of Mike's birthday cake and my thoughts about it, the other side holds a sweet note from my mom. I also added a 12x12 envelope page to hold all of Mike's birthday cards.


I included a few random things that made me smile during a tough week: dinosaur cartoons, a funny text message from Mike, confetti from our Classic team meeting.


The last page holds some photos, my pass, and some (losing) betting tickets from the Belmont Stakes. I also included some photos and coasters from a Sunday enjoyed with Mike and Tom.


  1. Hi Allie, it's Whitney from W&M -- this project is so cool! How are you adding text and printing out the photos each week? I might just have to try this...

    1. Hi Whitney! I add text using Adobe Photoshop Elements (I have 8.0). There are lots of great free fonts out there ( is a good place to start!) and I love experimenting with them. As for printing out the photographs: I use an Epson Artisan 835 and love the results when I print on Epson ultra premium photo paper. For weeks that I want to include large photos (8x10 or 12x12) or a collection of special photos, I have them professionally printed. Everything that I use is curated under 'Project Life' here:

      Hope this helps! I am in love with this project; hope you give it a try! Take care! XO

    2. Thanks! I need to get a new printer anyway, so I'll have to check that one out. I definitely need to give this a try!

  2. Good going Mike for meeting your GMAT goal. Not that I ever doubted that you would do anything but meet it.
    Allie, I love what you are doing and what a nice way to keep track of special events.


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