Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Alice's Tea Cup & An Interview


Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Leti of ‘Becoming Lola’ for tea and scones at the famous Alice’s Tea Cup on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The storefront is like a fantasy playroom for every little girl - knickknacks, pink tutus, and butterflies fluttering across the ceiling.

Leti emailed me a few weeks prior to our meeting and expressed that she would love to interview me for her sweet blog. As if that weren’t enough of a compliment, she confessed she had been a long-time reader of my blog, meaning she was reading when I thought my parents were my only readers! She must have loved the “Hi Mom!” comments.


It is no secret that my little blog has evolved quite a bit this past year and a few more of you lovely readers stop by my little home on the Internet each day. I cannot express how excited this makes me and I hope you are finding something to your liking.

I am also a devoted blog reader and love the thrill of stumbling across a new one to add to my list. But before I become a regular reader of any blog, I like to know a little about the person who’s words I am reading. I think becoming an invested reader of a blog is, on a very basic level, similar to beginning a relationship. Just a little glimpse into some one's life and a hint of what really makes them tick can be the beginning of a beautiful thing.


So, if you want to know a bit more about me, skip on over to read my interview on Becoming Lola. Stay awhile - as if the whimsical photographs and sweet words hadn’t already enticed you to linger.

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  1. this is absolutely adorable!! i need to visit here!


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