Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

Somehow the last day of 2010 is upon us. For me, these past 365 days were a roller coaster ride - exciting, stressful, encouraging, and frustrating. But through each and every day, my family and friends have surrounded me, supported me, loved me.

This morning I will take my traditional run through Central Park, the only spot on this island not filled to the brim with tourists. Unlike any other run during the year, I reflect upon the past days, reset myself, and adjust my focus while hearing only the crunch of my feet against the packed snow.

I have a feeling this upcoming year will be incredible. I look forward to honing my writing and photography, while sharing recipes and a glimpse into my sweet life with each of you. Thank you all for allowing me to steal a few moments of your day to express my thoughts and discoveries.

Mike and I will ring in 2011 with his family, hopefully sealed with a kiss and the sweet taste of champagne lingering on our lips. I wish all of you an exciting, safe evening as you ring in a healthy new year.

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