Monday, December 6, 2010

Baker's Gift Idea: BeaterBlade Mixer Attachment

Last year, I received the BeaterBlade attachment as a Christmas gift from my parents. I had been eyeing the seemingly brilliant product during each and every excursion to a certain kitchen goods store.

However, I was always somewhat hesitant to purchase the attachment, not because of the price, but because I was not certain how well this product would actually perform.

As most of you know, I have a typical closet-sized Manhattan kitchen - meaning every new product or appliance I decide to purchase, no matter the size, must work perfectly all the time.

Almost a year and countless cookies and cakes later, I can hardly imagine my world without this clever little tool. Life with the BeaterBlade is one where phrases like "scrape after each addition", a phrase us bakers have put up with for far too long, do not exist.

So if you are looking for a unique, time-saving, sure to be used over and over again gift for the baker in your life (or yourself!), I cannot recommend the BeaterBlade enough.

As a note, the BeaterBlade is available for many different mixers and models. To ensure you gift the correct attachment, this handy guide is available.  BeaterBlade can be purchased from the following:

Happy Baking!


  1. Perfect gift idea! Thanks! Love your blog!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! Hope you find one of these wrapped in pretty paper this holiday!


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