Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Colorado: Day 3 & 4: Rafting the Colorado River & Rock Climbing

So unlike our first and second days in Colorado, I do not have any photos from our third day. At least not yet. On our third day, Mike and I went white water rafting down the Colorado River. Mike even jumped into the river - twice!  For the first time in many years, I carried a disposable camera (waterproof, obviously) and I'm excited to see the results, once I figure out where I can still have film developed!

On our fourth day, we went rock climbing along Independence Pass.  The weather was beautiful - sunny and crisp, warm near the top of the climbs, and a little chilly at the bottom.  Our guide taught us how to belay, a role he took back after my first turn - noting the panic that washed over me as I realized my future husband’s life was literally in my hands.  After Mike had returned safely to solid ground, our guide relinquished the rope from my shaking hands, freeing them to do things like take photos of Mike’s other climbs.

After we were sufficiently exhausted, we drove back to Aspen - and spotted a bear crossing the street!  We took the recommendation of our guide and ate at a local Thai restaurant for dinner. Afterwards, we stopped for ice cream and then enjoyed a very leisurely, relaxing walk back to our condo.  A little wine and reading and we were fast asleep by 10 PM.

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  1. Thank God I didn't know what my granddaughter was going to do on her vacation.
    The scenery is beautiful but thinking of you on those rocks makes me shaky even now.
    And Mike was looking pretty tough and hanging tough too.
    What skills the two of you have developed and the pride you share in each others accomplishments.
    Proud of you


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