Thursday, October 25, 2012

Colorado: Day 7: Boulder Beer & Avery Brewing

We were both incredibly sad to wake up to our last day in Colorado.  After so many relaxing days filled to the brim with sunshine, good food, and delicious brews, we were reluctant to return to our hectic lives in Manhattan.  A hearty breakfast at Walnut Cafe helped ease the pain a bit, as we sipped coffee under skies threatening rain - the first overcast day since venturing west.  Boulder Beer was our first brewery stop for the day and we sampled their beers in the pub before our tour began.  It was fun, and somewhat unusual, to see people actually working during the tour, as most breweries seem to schedule tours during non-working hours.

Later that afternoon, we ventured to Avery Brewing, the last stop of our Colorado brewery tour.  The tour was fairly quick and we could just get a glimpse of the brewers hard at work.  Mike, naturally, struck up a conversation with one of them, trying to guess the type of hops they were adding to the boiling liquid.

We ate dinner at a local restaurant in downtown Boulder, quickly realizing we were not only in a college town, but in a college town on Parent's Weekend.  As dinner drew to a close, I choked back tears, so very sad to see our vacation end.  But there was little time to be upset - just shortly after leaving the restaurant, Mike began having an allergic reaction to the root beer he ordered with dinner!  Thankfully, after a few hours, his reaction subsided, his fever broke, and he was able to fall asleep.  The next morning, we quietly drove through the damp, dark morning, en route to Denver to catch our flight to the east coast.

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