Monday, October 8, 2012

Colorado: Day 1: Downtown Denver, Great Divide Brewery & Coors Field

We arrived in Denver, Colorado in desperate need of a vacation; there was no room for wedding planning, MBA applications, or job stressors in our luggage, so we left it all behind.  Once we had procured our rental car, we drove downtown to eat a big breakfast at Sams No. 3 and check into our hotel room a little early.  

Later, we explored the city on our leisurely walk to Great Divide Brewery.  It was over 90 degrees that afternoon, but the dryness of the air kept the sweat away.  The brewery was small and intimate; there was only standing room not long after they opened their doors for the afternoon.

That evening, we enjoyed a game at Coors Field.  We arrived at the stadium early to explore the ballpark, and breathlessly climbed to the mile high seats to see a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains.  Mike scored amazing seats, in the second row on the first base side.  A few innings into the game, he caught a foul ball tossed into the stands by the first base coach, and in one smooth motion, handed the ball to me.  Mike cheekily smiled at me and basked in the attention as our section let out a resounding "Aaawwwwhh!",especially since we both knew I would hand the ball right back to him.

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