Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The 2011 Bloggies

There is no denying the presence of blogs in our daily lives. With a click of a button, bloggers instantly share thoughts, ideas, and opinions with anyone in the world. As the author of this sweet blog, I personally know how meaningful your comments and emails really are. With that in mind, like most time-pressed readers, I also have an ever-growing list of blogs and do not always take the time to express my appreciation of their work.

Luckily, an award known as the ‘Bloggies’ exists for this very reason - to recognize a blogger’s work as meaningful, beautiful, and inspiring. Awards exist in every imaginable category, with more added each year. So I encourage you to take a few minutes and head over to the Weblog Awards to cast your vote.

If Dolcetto Confections happens to be one of your nominations, please know it would be my complete honor. But, above all, I hope you will nominate the bloggers that inspire you every day; the ones whose posts you anxiously await, bookmark, and feel connected to the author if only by their words and photographs.

You must nominate three unique blogs for each category in which you make a nomination - some of my favorite food blogs are listed on my sidebar if you require some inspiration.  However, you can nominate a blog for more than one award category.  Nominations close January 16th at 10 PM EST.

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