Tuesday, January 18, 2011



Bleary-eyed and in desperate need for caffeine, Mike and I ventured to the highly recommended Tapaç24 for our first breakfast in sunny Barcelona. This basement level restaurant welcomed us in with the smells of strong coffee and eggs. Mike and I each ordered a café and then desperately attempted to decipher the Catalan menu. While the server was not especially willing to help two Americans, only one of which knew Spanish and zero Catalan, we settled on the recommended omelets.

I blindly chose the truita de trempa, which arrived as a delicious, slightly greasy omelet with chorizo and potatoes. Mike settled on the truita de bacalla, a salted cod omelet with beans. Although Mike hates all fish dishes, he was able to stomach his breakfast with the help of a few pieces of my chorizo in between. Another café for Mike, a café con leche for me, and we were fueled for touring La Sagrada Familia for the remainder of the morning.


Neighborhood: Eixample
Diputacio, 269 08007
Barcelona, Spain
Phone: +34 934 880 977

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