Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Photographic Tours


As the train steams forward across vast Virginia farmland, I sink into the wide business class seat, stretching my legs forward. For the first time, I am traveling by train thanks to the total shutdown of New York City airports.

The end of 2010 approaches as rapidly as the passing trees, abandoned barns, and cows. To pass the time, I organize photos of the previous year. Since purchasing my beloved dSLR in March, we have been attached at the hip, and there are now few places I venture without the heavy, safe strap around my neck.

Not surprisingly, food comprises most of my photos. Another chunk of my photos are places I frequent, mostly around New York City: markets, restaurants, and bars. I realize I did not share most of these with you because I was uncertain if you are interested in the daily happenings of a Manhattan-ite.

Whether that interest exists or not, I have decided to start sharing more snippets of my daily life. Perhaps these photographs will help you in planning an upcoming trip or just help you escape your daily routine for a few moments. Either way, I hope they provide a true glimpse of what it is like to live and work in this city.

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